About Us

Additional sales force of companies in inter-institutional sales and marketing activities: Coorbiz.

Offering an extensive sales and marketing solutions across Turkey Coorbiz, first of all sizes, including the company’s new initiatives, even without establishing a sales team, offering opportunities to carry out their sales and marketing activities. Coorbiz not only supports companies’ sales organizations, but also supports them in establishing links with stakeholders that may be needed to achieve their growth goals.

Coorbiz, the sales platform for professionals with long-term corporate experience.

In Coorbiz, Turkey serving as a common general, there is a great business development team. Team members, each of whom has long experience in corporate work, have experience in different sectors such as sales, marketing and finance. The most important factor that makes Coorbiz privileged is its strong and dynamic team. Thanks to the Coorbiz Academy, all team members can benefit from the opportunity to work freely at Coorbiz while finding the opportunity of continuous improvement.

Our references

We would like to thank our valuable references, consisting of our customers and business partners, who we believe are an indicator of the quality and reliability of the service we provide, for choosing us.