Energy Efficiency Projects

As Coorbiz, we attach great importance to energy efficiency and solar energy solutions and are delighted to be involved in projects of businesses in this direction.

Manufacturer companies operating in large factories and Organized Industrial Zones are places with high energy consumption. Not only such production areas, but also large buildings, hospitals and shopping malls are mass living areas with high energy consumption. In places where energy is consumed so intensely, even the small arrangements made in energy consumption and enabling the efficient use of energy provide significant savings.
As Coorbiz, we ensure the establishment of a structure that is more environmentally sensitive and does not waste natural energy resources, while providing cost savings to our customers with energy efficiency projects. Although the arrangements for optimizing the energy consumption and the expenses for the installation of renewable energy sources seem high in the first place, all of these costs can be met in just a few years and sometimes less than a year with the savings achieved. Investing in energy efficiency projects is not a cost but a profit in the medium and long term.
As Coorbiz, we ensure the development of energy efficiency projects tailored for you with our internationally experienced business partners. If you also have production or mass living areas that consume energy, we invite you to Coorbiz to discuss our energy efficiency solutions.

Purchase Financing Consultancy

Coorbiz offers “Purchase Financing Consultancy” service for all machinery, equipment and equipment that you need to purchase in your Energy Efficiency projects.

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