Our Solutions

Our Solutions

Coorbiz offers sales solutions tailored to various fields of activity for companies of different scales.

Whether your business is a new venture or a corporate company with a deep-rooted organizational structure, it is essential to have a fast, strong and dynamic sales team in order to meet your products and services with their buyers and reach your sales targets. However, it is not always easy to have a specialized sales team and to grow this team when necessary, as well as in corporate companies as well as in new ventures. As Coorbiz, we analyze the needs of businesses in this direction and develop special solutions for their needs. In line with your needs, we can enable you to benefit from our sales teams and sales network, and when necessary, we establish special sales teams for you and manage and monitor their performance for you.

Special for Enterprises

If your business has not yet turned into a corporate organization large enough to set up a dedicated sales team, the service you need to grow your business may be Coorbiz’s “Enterprise-Specific” sales solutions.

Special Sales Team for Large Enterprises

Whether for your existing sales team or for a new sales team, you can easily have the new corporate sales organization you need with Coorbiz’s “Special Sales Team” service.

Purchase Financing Consultancy

In addition to the sales team, you can take advantage of our “Purchase Financing Consultancy” service if you have machinery, equipment or equipment that you need to purchase in addition to the sales team.

Energy Efficiency and Solar Projects

If you need to develop energy efficiency projects specific to your business, Coorbiz supports you to save energy while protecting the world and the environment with its business partners with international experience.