Private Sales Team

Experienced solution partner of companies planning to establish a new sales team: Coorbiz.

Whether for a new product or service, or to increase your effectiveness in a region where you will start providing new services, Coorbiz creates and manages the sales team you need for you when you need a new sales team. Coorbiz’s service is not a human resources, recruitment or contract staff service, but the sales team you need is established by Coorbiz, raised, managed in line with your sales goals, and performance monitoring is carried out by Coorbiz in line with your corporate management standards and management service.
You can leave the sales of all kinds of products and services that our team, which has gained expertise in financial solutions and team management, to sell to Coorbiz. If you need a special sales team that will sell your products and services, come to Coorbiz. Let’s set up, train and manage your team for your needs. Instead of additional costs such as additional administrative staff, employees’ insurance, tax and similar social obligations, easily account for all your costs in this direction with a single service invoice.
We invite you to take advantage of Coorbiz’s “Private Sales Team” service.

Special for Enterprises

If your business has not yet turned into a corporate organization ,large enough to set up a dedicated sales team, we recommend that you take a look at “Initiative-specific” sales solutions that can help you get the service you need from Coorbiz.

Purchase Financing Consultancy

In addition to the sales team, you can take advantage of our “Purchase Financing Consultancy” service if you have machinery, equipment or equipment that you need to purchase in addition to the sales team.

Application Form

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