Special for Enterprises

Coorbiz is the strong solution partner of enterprises that want to grow their business by increasing their sales.

The most important need of enterprises is to bring their products and services together with their buyers correctly and effectively. However, the first priority of the enterprises is to evaluate their investments and limited financial resources in the most accurate way. In general, instead of growing the sales team, the first priority is to satisfy the needs to produce products with high quality standards and to provide services with predetermined standards. Therefore, many of the enterprises have to target rapid growth in their business plans with a small sales team.
If your venture is a B2B company, which provides service from company to company, it is very important to have an experienced and experienced sales team. However, it is also essential to evaluate the limited resources you have in the most effective way. If you are an enterprise that provides B2B service and aims to grow your business rapidly by using the investor support you receive within the framework of your business plan, you can easily reach your sales targets thanks to Coorbiz’s “Enterprise-Specific” sales solutions. If you wish, you can benefit from our experienced sales team and a strong sales network without incurring high costs to establish a sales team.
We invite you to take advantage of Coorbiz’s “Enterprise-Specific” sales solutions.

Special Sales Team for Large Enterprises

If your business scope is much larger and you need a corporate sales organization, we recommend you to take a look at Coorbiz’s “Private Sales Team” service.

Purchase Financing Consultancy

In addition to the sales team, you can take advantage of our “Purchase Financing Consultancy” service if you have machinery, equipment or equipment that you need to purchase in addition to the sales team.

Application Form

We kindly request you to fill out our application form to get more detailed information about the “Enterprise-Specific” sales solutions offered by Coorbiz and to start using these services of Coorbiz.
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